Photo Gallery: Dani Daniels Face Control Pics are Pretty Damn Sexy


Gorgeous adult film star Dani Daniels is also a super sexy glamour model. In this beautiful photo set, Dani enjoys wearing some lacy blue lingerie, which looks simply amazing on her. Dani proceeds to pose in various sexy poses while slowly removing her sheer blue bra and panties. This pic set is so erotic.. Dani likes to be sexy and create beautiful photo sets, and this one doesn’t disappoint.

According to Dani, “I’ve always loved this term. Face Control: Face Control refers to the policy of upscale nightclubs, casinos, restaurants and similar establishments to strictly restrict entry based on a bouncer’s snap judgment of the suitability of a person’s looks, money, style or attitude, especially in Russia and other former Soviet countries such as Ukraine.

Although a similar “velvet rope” policy exists in other countries, aiming to admit the right mix of “beautiful people” and keep out boring or unattractive would-be patrons, the Russian version is considered particularly harsh and unforgiving by Western standards.” -Dani

Dani is a gorgeous model and these pictures are even better in higher resolution so be sure to see the full gallery on her official site.

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